Women’s Fashion Complete Guide 2020

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Somehow it was set in people’s minds that only celebrities or stars can be trendy and try out new fashion statements, but that mindset has been slowly changing as more and more people are being exposed to the #ever-changing fashion trends. Media has also been a very big part of this. This year, magazines that put forward the women’s fashion complete guide 2020 comprised of some styles that are trending. Further mentioned below are the top 10 most wearable fashion trends for women to adopt in 2020.

  1. Shirt-dresses

One of the most trending styles this summer collection saw is the style of the shirt dress. It is basically a long shirt that came to the markets are several years ago and was a major hit. However, this season, some designers planned on redesigning this classic. The dresses were reimagined with other variations of cuts and quirks. From drop waists, button-downs, double high slits to asymmetrical hemlines, this year saw it all. This #experiment soon made it clear that a shirt-dress could aptly match with your personality and other fashion trends this year.


  1. Kimono Trench Coats

The magazines that showed the women’s fashion complete guide 2020, said that one of the most loved fashion trends this year was the Kimono-style trench coat. It is a #stylish mix of a traditional kimono, a modern robe, and a coat that got surprisingly well-accepted since last summer. A more posh, solid-colored version of this was last year’s flowery flocks which were waist-length. These are roomy, slouchy, and lightweight which make it the best apparel for the scorching heat in summer seasons. You can also add a medium-sized obi-belt to this to complete your look.

Kimono Trench Coats

  1. Culottes

The fashion trends for this summer were mostly just experimentation with already existing summer trends. Culottes are one of the tricky ones out of them. Perfectly fitting somewhere between a full-on flare and a boot cut, culottes are messy with lengths. It has surely evolved from last season’s double-tone, raw denim to the embroidered variants of wide-legged trousers. The length sits at a tricky position of being just above the ankle and right below the calf. Excepting this, the more notorious and higher length is the entire craze these days. Team it with high leather boots, and you will look wonderful in culottes.


  1. Long Vests

Long vests, are essential this seasons and prove to be very important in the women’s fashion complete guide 2020. Designers have been experimenting with these types of designs for many seasons and have perfected it now. Suitable particularly for this pre-fall season, this outerwear is an amazing alternative for the beautiful blazers as well as the jackets of the ’70s.

Long Vests


  1. Sporty Look

As said before, fashion has mostly been about revamping the already present style statements. One such fashion statement is the sporty look. Making its comeback, this old-school outlook to fashion is most suitable for the pleasant temperatures in the autumn and winter season. This athletic trend upholds the classic trends like tennis skirts, gym shorts, go-faster stripes, and likewise and can really do a remarkable job in jazzing up your styling this year in a splashy and fresh manner. Such a sporty design needs to have a proper fit, which means it also offers you the option to showcase your amazing body shape. Along with polo neck, Racer Backs are one major fashion trend this year for women.

Sporty Look

  1. Cape

What a trench coat was in the fashion world the past year is the cape this year. This winter, the cape is at par with every new fashion trend and can very well replace the use of trench coats. It is very similar to a poncho. With its flexible styling, it can beat all other forms of winter dressing. The best way to style it is with other winter pieces and boots that are above the knee. Not only that, it can be worn with wither sides down or up, and this versatility also makes it look good with pajama-style apparel. It is advised to get neutral colors so that they go with all your other clothing. Whatever happens, you should not miss out on this amazing winter trend this year.


  1. Gypset

A gypset pattern of styling is defined by orientalism, bold patterns, and luxuriousness of bohemianism. In simpler words, it is when gypsy-inspired looks meet the glamorous modern styling. It has quickly gained popularity and become the biggest fashion trend this year. It is enjoyable, fun, and totally wearable to work and even as an evening wardrobe. It is inspired by the cruise line designs at the beginning of the ‘70s and the gypsy styling. If you want your wardrobe to have a bit of exoticism and color, layered tunics along with Aladdin-styled pants, floral patterns, and oriental-inspired accessories will surely not disappoint you.



  1. A-Line Shapes

A-line shapes have been on top of the fashion world for a long time now. Furthermore, it is surely getting more popular, especially for vacations. For the best looks, you can combine it with something that looks like it is from the 70s, but with a twist. This style is sure to provide you with that extra edge this year.

A-Line Shapes

  1. Trucker Jackets

If you have been trying to buy something new and out of the box for your wardrobe for some time now, this year’s fashion trends have just got it for you. Given the flexibility of this trucker jackets to be worn whenever, and wherever, has made it a must buy this year. These denim jackets are best when there is a slight chill in the air and can be worn below a layer as well. It has a versatile styling which makes it look appropriate with different styles as well. You can team it up with khakis or slim jeans and wear a loose or an unbuttoned shirt with it. Such an amazing presence in the fashion world makes it an essential for your wardrobe.