BOOK HOTELS IN CRYPTO: Travala is a platform that has more than 50,000 hotels and accommodation bookings across the globe. The person has to create a coinbase account and earn crypto coins to book hotels from Travala. It once more allows its customers to book hotels through crypto. It is a binance backed online agency which supports Expedia bookings. It brought back the bitcoin payment in the travel industry in 2018. Australia based allows customers for easy access to hotel bookings through crypto. Nearly 20,000 hotels are enlisted under it. users can pay with more than 30 cryptocurrencies. Partnership with Expedia will be a help for Travala to scale said in a report. Expedia is the second-largest Online Travel Agency, which helps to bridge the gap between traditional multinationals.


This partnership, in many ways, will be helpful to bring faith in the transaction activity. The collaboration happened during the COVID-19 scenario as per the booking revenue surged to170% in June as per the report says. Travala is among the very few project which helps to bridge the gap between traditional multinational in a very effective way. A recent report reported that Travala sees a 205% hike as the travel demand returns in many countries. Thus the travel industry is massively hit by the Coronavirus Pandemic, economic crisis, and extended lockdown. More than 60% of the total number is paid through cryptocurrency. The blockchain partner of Travala includes Binance, Litacon foundation, Gocoin and, many more. Moreover, you could pay from Travala with cryptocurrency from anywhere with cryptocurrency. The payment in travala could be made with credit cards, and it is safe and secure to transact with travala. Travala gives 24*7 services in the present situation also.



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