The year 2020 should not end up without IPL

2020 should not end up without IPL: BCCI president Sourav Ganguly said that the year should not end up without an IPL match as he is taking it as the “first priority” to conduct it this year. In the present scenario of the pandemic, the event is postponed but could not cancel for the year. It is a matter of great tension about the present scenario to conduct the game with players from various parts of the world. It was scheduled to be held from 29th March 2020 but, was suspended due to the pandemic. While Ganguly said that it is very important for cricket to return to its normalcy as the final decision should be taken by ICC about the T20 world cup.

2020 should not end up without IPL

Ganguly said, he just doesn’t want to end the year without IPL. If a 40 days time could be arranged the IPL could be hosted but, the place is not confirmed. New Zealand, UAE and, Sri Lanka have offered to host the match in the current scenario in India. The currency exchange rate is quite high so the hosting of the game has become more expensive which is a matter of concern.

2020 should not end up without IPL

The cases are taking spike day by day in a lot of numbers. It is not at all easy to host the show in India in this situation. Ahmedabad was a place where the show could be hosted but it is not very easy to travel anywhere in India at present. In the entire history of IPL, it is reported that only once IPL was conducted out of India in South Africa.  It is more frequently spreading each day that is a matter of concern for every person to conduct a huge event like IPL.



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