The Company Reality At the present Year Facing New Challenges

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The Company Reality At the present Year Facing New ChallengeThe new reality is forcing companies to have remote work as an option, mainly to avoid the crowding of their employees and minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus in the event of an outbreak at their facilities.

The trend has been fueled by the increasing use of digital technologies such as smartphones, tablets and personal computers to work from home or on the go, which is rapidly transforming the traditional work model.

Stanford University conducted a study that found that in the United States, a large portion of today’s workforce works from home.

“We found that 42 percent now work from home full time, while another 33 percent are not working. The remaining 26 percent work on their company premises, primarily as essential service workers. Almost twice as many employees work from home than at the workplace,” the study reveals.

Tourism is one of the areas most affected by the pandemic, therefore, some countries, especially those that have paradisiacal destinations, are offering visas for remote work for those people who carry their work on a laptop and can generate income for their economy.

  1. Barbados, Lesser Antilles: this initiative began on June 30. On this island, it is decided in five days, if a person is suitable to move to its shores to work remotely. The visa is valid for one year from the date you arrive and you can leave and re-enter during that time.
  2. Anguilla Island: the initiative has been open since August 21, the requirement is that the person who wants to settle must come from a country under the situation.
  3. Bermuda: it has a special visa plan for people who want to settle for a time at their own expense. Applicants will be granted the “Work From Home” permit with which they can fulfill their work commitments.
  4. Georgia: Citizens of 95 countries can apply and must fill out a form. The work permit is for 360 days. However, when the person arrives from serving a quarantine in a hotel stipulated by the authorities for 12 days and must verify the monthly income of $ 2,000.