Spain Labor Market Options as Per Your Requirement

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Spain Labor Market Options as Per Your Requiremen, The labor market in Spain is marked by a productive model with a very strong weight of the services sector (it absorbs around 75% of employment), with a small industrial sector (which generates about 15% of employment), compared to countries neighbors of the euro zone, and some areas of construction (5%) and agriculture (5%), also small.

The regulations of the economy also characterize the labor market, which retards the generation of employment, and, on the other hand, the average educational level of the population on average, which generates a high demand for university-level employees.

The generation of jobs in Spain has been dominated by the sectors of: Services, Industry, Construction and Agriculture.

Unemployment in Spain: Spain Labor Market Options as Per Your Requirement

Unemployment is one of the main negative aspects of the Spanish economy.

Although the recovery of Spanish economic activity is a fact, after the prolonged period of recession that took place between 2008 and 2013, as a result of the global financial crisis, job creation in Spain is improving at a moderate rate.

Below you can see the decline in unemployment in Spain in the last four years:

Average unemployment rate 2016: 26%

Average unemployment rate 2017: 23.6%

Average unemployment rate 2018: 20.9%

Average unemployment rate 2019: 19%

Average unemployment rate 2020: 16.7%

However, despite this positive balance, Spain continues to be the second country with the highest unemployment rate in the European Union, behind Greece (20%, in 2017).

In fact, Spain is almost ten percentage points above the average unemployment rate in the Eurozone, which is calculated at 10%. Furthermore, the employment that is created in Spain is, for the most part, temporary. In general, the forecasts of several analysts coincide in highlighting the confidence that exists that as the Spanish productive apparatus improves, more jobs will open in the country. In fact, in 2018 the unemployment rate in Spain is expected to be below 15%

For some analysts, for Spain to overcome the specter of unemployment it must continue to create employment at an annual rate of some 500,000 new jobs, at least for the next four years .

Youth unemployment Regarding unemployment among those under 25 years of age, the figures are not very flattering. Spain remains the second country with the most unemployed youth (40%) in the European Union, also below Greece (46%), and well above the 18% average for the euro zone and 16% for the whole of the European Union.

According to calculations by the Union General de Trabajadores union, four out of ten professionals under the age of 25 do not have a job in Spain and more than half of the contracts they sign have a duration of less than six months.