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The commission to Women Army Officers due to the pandemic. On Tuesday, July 7, the Centre has received one additional month from the court to carry out the verdict.

On February 17, the highest court gave the landmark verdict that women officers should also be considered for command postings as well as Army commission just like the male officers. It rejected the Centre’s stands of physiological limitations and referred them as “gender discrimination against women.”

A popular face for World of Warcraft streams

SC has given the direction to the Centre to consider all the Serving Short Commission (SSC) women officers for Permanent Commissions irrespective of whether they have crossed 14 years or 20 years of service. A total of three months time has been granted to the Centre.

On the verdict’s passing, the Centre has urged for a total period of six months to carry out the order. But, the SC has only extended a month to carry out the verdict in the proper order. Justice D Y Chandrachud, the Head of the concerned Bench, stated that the Centre has to abide by all the directions given in the verdict of the court.

The SSC women officers are expecting a positive result after this verdict. The permanency will soon follow, thus acknowledging their long-term service for the Indian Army. This has also resulted in an overwhelming response among the general public. This is the first time so much importance has been placed on the women officers. The Center is making all arrangements to carry out every instruction given in the verdict in the appropriate order. All the proposals on behalf of the Center were “sex stereotypes,” as described by the Supreme Court. The SC will seriously look into the matter so that the Center carries out the verdict on time without any fail.




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