PUBG Mobile Crossed $3 Billion

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PUBG Mobile Crossed $3 Billion in Revenue: The Players Unknown Battleground or PUBG is one of the craziest action games ever that has gained endless popularity after it was launched and several kids have already decided that they will make their career in PUBG online and are working towards achieving their goals.

Recently the PUBG mobile has generated $3 billion revenue which has broken all the records of the PUBG game globally. In the month of March 2020, the estimated revenue generated by the game was $1.3 billion which has now increased to $ 3 billion. One of the biggest reasons that can be taken into consideration for generating so much revenue might be the pandemic because the lockdown is going on so more and more people had started to play. And, all of these pence have been earned via microtransactions only that includes the United States of America as the second biggest market of the game by Japan.

PUBG Mobile Crossed $3 Billion in Revenue

PUBG Mobile Crossed $3 Billion in Revenue

PUBG mobile has indeed defeated many of its competitors by generating this much revenue by the end of June month. With the assistance of all the microtransactions, the game was able to make $1.2 billion within the 3 months of 2020 and this revenue is 4 times more than the revenue generated by the Garena Free Fire game. Call of Duty that is considered as the alternative best action of PUBG mobile has generated $220 million till now.

The war with Pandemic is on and a virtual war on the battleground is increasing every day, let us hope that the game will keep on generating more and more revenue every year. Till then keep playing PUBG and improve your gaming skills. What if you become part of the most talented game plays? Exciting?