‘PUBG fever’ teenager spends 2.3 lakhs from grandparents’ accounts

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‘PUBG fever’ teenager spends 2.3 lakhs from grandparents’ accounts, A 15-year-old boy got addicted so much that he spent 2.3 lakhs from his grandparent’s account to mobile video game player unknown’s battleground bought the skins for his character and increased the level by spending.

Recently the government banned the PUBG game because of the ongoing tension between India and China. Thus, PUBG is banned in India now. He spent almost 2.3 lakhs from his grandparents’ account to upgrade the level of the game. However, soon after the game has been hacked and he could use the upgrade the game features despite reaching that level.

PUBG fever

After all, this when his grandfather started enquiring about the money, the teenager spent. He cooked the story that his bank account has been hacked by hackers. The grandparents of the teenager immediately logged the complaint against the cybercrime.

Recently, the teen grandfather has retired from the BSNL company, and his pension recently transferred to his bank account.

The probe has been investigating the whole incident as described by the teen grandfather. An investigation probe has revealed that money had been transferred to a Paytm account by debit card. The police are enquiring from the entire family as they all know the pin of debit cardholders’ man possession.

After all this, the boy himself revealed that he used the money to buy the UC or points for the game to upgrade the level and purchase the weapons for the game. He has transferred the money from his bank account to his Paytm account and deleted all the OTP messages from his grandfather’s phone. He was scared of being

Being caught and cooked the story of a bank account being hacked later the boy realized his mistake and admitted that he had done all this.

Police have been counseling the boy and informed the family about the incident.