Presents India’s Own App ROPOSO; Hits More Than 100 Million Downloads

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App ROPOSO: After the ban of one of the most popular Chinese app TikTok, India has come up with something home-made. ROPOSO, India’s own app, was there since 2014 but faced a cut-throat competition with the Chinese brainchild. However, in the war scenario, the number of downloads of Roposo has already crossed 100 million. People have gone crazy about downloading this domestic app in large numbers.

The new app is getting an unbelievable response from the nation’s audience, including the users of the previous apps. The makers stated that they wouldn’t mind presenting the platform with a brand new look for the sake of their country.


In India, over 200 million people were associated with TikTok. After the ban, these people are suddenly out of work. They do not have an impressive platform to post interesting articles, pictures, and videos. Hence, a new option is what they are looking for.

Introduction Of Indian Apps ROPOSO

Due to the absence of such powerful apps, short video-making apps receive tremendous response. Since Roposo is India’s own creation, a lot of public sentiments are attached to it. The majority of the country’s citizens are uninstalling the apps on their own, showing a bit of patriotism for the nation. The act of China at the border has left everyone shocked. As a result, the ban of all the Chinese apps overnight by the Indian Government has received a lot of appreciations.

Alongside this, the people who were using the said apps have indeed landed into a big problem. They expect India to come up with similar other apps so that no one has to depend on the foreign nations for the entertainment. More and more Indian companies are thinking of launching new apps to fulfill the increasing demands.