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Prime minister NARENDRA MODI TARGETED BY SHIV SENA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is targeted by the Shiv Sena due to the coronavirus scenario. The Prime minister claimed that coronavirus could be controlled in 21 days lockdown, but it is more than 100 days now, and the situation is getting worst day by day. The war is compared with the war of Mahabharata, as the battle against the pandemic will continue for a year. The vaccine could not become into use by 2020; it will take a year to come into effect. Moreover, its impact needs to be revised after testing it on the patients.

Shiv Sena expressed concern as the cases surged a huge spike in the two weeks, and India takes the third position according to the count of cases. More than 20000 cases are reported nationwide every day, which is a matter of concern for the country like India. India has already left Russia behind according to the number of cases. The patients in Maharashtra are getting cured in a large amount, but also, the hotspot area like Thane is a matter of concern for Maharashtra government. The Shiv Sena said that coronavirus would be there, and we have to live with it if the vaccine still comes.


Several politicians, police, health workers are getting infected every day, which should not happen in any state and country. The corona warriors are also getting tired of the situation as there is no deadline for the disease effect to come down. It is said that the pandemic situation should be fought as it affects hard on the economy and lifestyle. In many places in Maharashtra, the lockdown is relaxed, but it is also considered that the threat is also not over. Fighting with the present situation is getting challenging day by day with several adverse circumstances.