NEW LAUNCH FOR THE GAMING PRO’S: The latest launch from the warframe has been announced for the gaming pros. Gaming pros will be glad to hear Inaros prime will be available from 12th July 2020 on every platform. It will include saw launcher Panthera Prime and heavy blade Karyst Prime. The game has developed greater customization and has been upgraded with a larger mag. Warframe event on tenncon is coming after a slight delay due to the pandemic on 1st August 2020. Sony is looking to buy digital extremities parent company as Microsoft is doing for past years.

The PC players could now get the recent update in Warframe, which is known as deadlock protocol. It is compared with Chains of Harrow by many of the developers. The update includes a complete upgrade of feature remastered level in a newer way. The new quest for the Deadlock protocol helps the players to unlock the portal. Sony is repeatedly trying to buy a parent company on gaming as it is in the news that Leyou is searching for a buyer, and Sony is definitely one of the bidders for the company. Sony is hoping to win the bidding war among its competitor. The Sony Company also wants to strengthen the value of the company for the upcoming PS5 launch.


This new launch is of great excitement for the gaming pros. The game has developed greater customization and upgraded with a newer version. Another Leyou subsidiary is working on the Lord of Rings as it is reported. Sony is planning to launch Playstation 5 at this time of fall. It is reported. As Microsoft is there in the field for many years, it will be tough competition for Sony to run with. The gamers will definitely have immense pleasure to find the news of the launch in the current pandemic situation. The Digital Extremes team is already hard at work for its next project.



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