Microsoft Makes A Comeback in the Smartphone Business

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Microsoft Makes A Comeback in the Smartphone Business, After 4 years back on track with new Duo, Microsoft is back in the mood of selling smartphones. However, it entered the market again, after more than four years since it abandoned its mobile phone business.

It recently launched its new surface duo for USD 1399 and will start the delivery in September. Moreover, the company began taking orders from last Wednesday. Although it is of impressive design, it’s expensive. Also, the company launched the product in the worst affected condition of the world economy. With unemployment in double-digit and customers having no penny left during this terrific situation, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the product’s prospective sales.

Despite all the challenges, Microsoft is voicing the new Duo as a better tool than conventional smartphones. Since it has the capability of multi-tasking, the company has high expectations from the device. Accordingly, a user can use two different apps or website at a time. For example, CEO Satya Nadella uses amazon kindle to read a book on one tab whereas, also, take notes on the other.


Specifications that makes Duo better: Microsoft Makes A Comeback in the Smartphone Business

Therefore, Begin with the screen, Duo has 5.6 inches display. Furthermore, it will look like an open book. Also, being smaller compared to other latest smartphones, it is comfortable while handling.

It is a slim, 4.8 millimeters thick device with several other benefits. As a result, the company announced it as the thinnest device available in the market.

As compared to the single folding screen of Samsung, Microsoft engineers choose to connect two displays with a hinge. Therefore, it provides a sturdier glass. “It’s thin, it’s sleek, it’s probably sexiest device we have made,” says Panos Panay, chief Production officer, during the online briefing.

However, everything is now in the hands of the customers. Now, we have to see how many consumers are willing to pay for such marvelous innovation of Microsoft in recession and challenging conditions. On the other hand, Samsung also launched its top-level device, the latest model of the Galaxy series Phone. It will also cost approximately USD 1000 to USD 1300.