‘Lockdown air tickets’ will be refunded orders by the center

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Lockdown air tickets‘ will be refunded orders by the center, The government has clarified on returning the money who booked the air-tickets in the lockdown period. The center has issued guidelines for travel agents and airlines to immediately refund the passenger’s money who booked the flights between March 25 to April 14 and for travelers 25 March to May 3.

The Supreme Court has discussed the matter with different airlines and filed the affidavit.  Then DGCA (The directorate general of civil aviation) has informed the airlines and travel agent mandatory to return the flight tickets money which booked for April and May. The court has issued the order to return the money by giving them a 15 days time-limit for airlines and agents. The DGCA said this is for the convenience of flyers.

Lockdown air tickets

However, DGCA also issued a notice for domestic flights whose revenue has plunged due to pandemic and they booked their air-tickets after April 14 also be refunded with regards.

The affidavit Supreme Court mentions if, airlines have a distressing account, due to these airlines unable to pay back refunds. Then, they should provide the credit shell for passengers, the credit shell must be equal to the amount of fare collected for the domestic flights.

Whereas for international flights, who booked air-tickets for international trips by foreign airlines must refund the amount to the passengers within the 15dsys. No credit shell facility allowed to international operators.

If any passenger wants to transfer the credit shell to any other person of his or her choice Then, airlines honor such transfers. If any passenger couldn’t use the credit shell till March 31, 2021 then the whole amount will be refunded to the passenger by DGCA.

Another guideline by the Supreme Court in case of any passenger died after the booking of tickets between March to May then his or her refund will be transferred to their kin.