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KITCHENWARE SALES TO GROW: In the present situation on the business, which has its worst effect on the business, the companies’ market turnover is decreasing in a significant number. But it is noticed that the kitchenware materials such as Dishwasher, microwave, and food processors are in high demand in the market. The revenues from these items are taking a good hike in the market in the aspect of before lockdown profit is considered. It is reported that June sees close to 50% growth compared to the month of April and May. The fear of the virus has kept the house help of every people at bay due to the massive spread.


The consumers of the durable products are looking for the minimization of work at home, keeping their maid at bay. The consumers are also looking for the new normal with plenty of safety and security. The expenditure on travel, food, and shopping has come down to a significant figure, so people invest in durable products for kitchen and home. It could help people to work effortlessly in less time while maintaining proper hygiene.


The durable consumer companies offer reasonable offers and EMI schemes to sell the products and maximize the profit. The sale of laptops and tablets is also on the list due to the sudden digitalization of the education system and the working culture. The trend of the lifestyle change due to the pandemic has made the kitchen durables necessary in India to substitute their domestic help. The CEOs of every company in the durable sector said that they would be happy if the sales growth matches last year’s revenue. It is also reported that keeping the middle class’s income in mind the schemes and discounts are all also set, that it could be a help for the number of people.