Face mask & Sanitizer not under the essential commodities list any more

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Face mask and Sanitizer not under the essential: In the present scenario of the coronavirus pandemic Face mask and Sanitizer have become two essential items in our daily need. But in a recent order passed by the Ministry of consumer affairs, Facemask and Sanitizer are no longer exist in the category of the essential commodity. This relaxation will be helpful for free pricing, as these products are highly charged in the current scenario of the pandemic. Many companies today are trying their hands in this business. So as because they could keep their profit according to the quality, this decision is taken by the Ministry.

Face mask & Sanitizer not under the essential

This new rule is applicable from 1st July 2020. The decision by the authority has been taken after the feedback from the stakeholders. As there is a sudden spike for both the products and in the initial stage, there was a scarcity of the products. Both the products are overcharged as the essential products could not be overpriced according to the Essential commodities Act 1995.

The fresh removal of the two products from the essential category list will allow the companies to keep a difference in the pricing. Moreover, it will enable the company to continue the price of the product according to the quality. The exorbitant pricing of these products due to high demand is very problematic for every level of people. As of recent status, there is no scarcity of Sanitizer and masks, as there is a sufficient production. The companies are involving in this business other than their main business. The products could be stored and marketed freely by the companies for the free pricing strategy.

The decision taken by the Ministry is appreciable in many ways as for the incorporation of free pricing strategy, the price of the product could come down to survive in the competitive market.

Source: indiatimes.com, yourstory.com