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Welcome to the World News Network. (official website worldnewsnetwork.co.in). We understand the importance of privacy of the personal data belonging to all our visitors and customers. This governs our privacy policies for those who visit our website for non-transacting purposes(Visitors) and those who utilize our services for the purpose of any business(Authorized Customers).

What is Personally Identifiable Information?

Personally Identifiable Information(PII) refers to any personal data pertaining to a particular person to enable easy identification of the said person accessing the website. It may include full name, bank account number, passport number, contact details, Social Security number, but are not limited to only this information. PII should be of high importance and is considered to be a sensitive data subject to appropriate security protocols of the organization. However, it does not contain any information with respect to any anonymous individual or any demographic information of an identified individual.

What kinds of Personally Identifiable Information do we collect?

We can collect any kind of Personally Identifiable Information from the visitors or our Authorized customers like basic information for creating the user profile, including name, address, phone numbers, email address, etc. The user can also be asked to give the details of business like the nature of products or services, size of the business, inventory details that he/she intends to buy or sell.

Who can collect Personally Identifiable Information?

We need the Personally Identifiable Information of the users to cater to their individual requests for any kind of service they want to utilize for personal or business purposes. We can also send an email to our Visitors or Authorized Customers regarding any new opportunities to buy or sell on our Site according to their respective specifications. To provide the authentic information promptly, we require the Personally Identifiable Information to contact the user concerned when requested.

With whom can we share the Personally Identifiable Information?

Sharing and disclosing of Personally Identifiable Information is restricted to only a few authorized persons. We can share this information with any other potential authorized customer to evaluate the transactions conducted through us. This information can also be shared with third-party vendors or other affiliated agencies. However, the user can opt-out from receiving any kind of information from our site or by any agency related in this regard.

How we store Personally Identifiable Information?

We store all the Personally Identifiable Information very securely without allowing third-party vendors or employees to access it except in aforesaid necessary circumstances.

What options are available to visitors to collect, distribute, or use personal information?

We provide options to the Visitors and Authorized Customers to discontinue receiving any sort of unsolicited information from us or any other third parties or contacted by any of us, through writing to us via emails or by contacting us on the number provided on the webpage.