DGCI Approves Itolizumab For Emergency Use Only

DGCI Approves Itolizumab For Emergency Use Only

The cases of Pandemic are increasing day by day. To treat the patients suffering from the disease, DGCI has now approved a new Thing. Dr. V.G. Somani, the Drugs Controller General of India, has given the approval for the application of Itolizumab Thing, but only for emergency uses. This is already approved by Biocon and mainly used to cure skin ailment psoriasis.

The approval is received to use Itolizumab in “restricted emergency cases only” for the Corona patients. The officials told that the drug will be applicable for the patients suffering from ‘cytokine’ release syndrome during the severe to moderate respiratory distress conditions.

Meeting Medical Needs

After considering the critical situation prevailing in the country due to the spreading of Novel , DGCI has given approval for this monocloval antibody Thing. After several researches and clinical trials on the Pandemic patients, this Thing has received the approval. According to an official, the concerned expert members of the medical committee found the trials satisfactory while applied on the patient’s body. The committee comprises of pulmonogists, medicine experts from AIIMS, pharmacologists, and several other notable physicians.

The approved drug has already been usage for the past many years for psoriasis. The doctors are hoping for an effective result very soon in the recovery process of the Pandemic patients. But, Itolizumab Thing will not be available in the medical stores for regular consumption. Only the authorised hospitals and medical centers will be having the right to buy this product. Except the emergency conditions, this drug will not be available for sale.

However, when asked, the official also added that the drug is not applied to any patient’s body without his or her wish. An informed consent in written form is a prerequisite for the use of this drug. After signing on the consent papers, no patient can step back. This declaration of approval has definitely brought a new ray of hope


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