Delhi ‘AAP’ holding a protest for non-payment of ‘MCD’ employee’s salaries

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Delhi ‘AAP’ holding a protest for non-payment of ‘MCD’ employee’s salaries, Aam aadmi party ‘Durgesh Pathak’ holding a protest for MCD in-charge for not clearing their salaries. On Monday, the protest was started with the civic body over the non-payment of Salaries of MCD employees.

Speaking with the media, AAP senior leader Pathak demanded justice from the BJP Government for clearing dues of employee salaries. As BJP is ruling the municipal corporation they said to pay the dues of employees or else resign immediately. The BJP government should apologize and stop misleading the people. They should release the payment of MCD employees.

As per the AAP spokesperson the BJP has not paid the salaries of the employees of the corporation for about six months. The AAP government will function better and run the department within the budget, said Pathak. In the protest, they are thinking about the common man who is living without salaries for many months. They are working so hard for our country and we should not leave them with unpaid salaries as they also have to feed their families.

In the latest interview, Pathak described the disappointment against the BJP government for not paying the salaries for more than six months of employees and we will protest and continue protesting. We will raise the voice for the common people for their welfare.

Till the BJP government will not release the payment of MCD employees we will continue protesting. I hope this protest against the BJP will bring a ray of hope for the Municipal corporation (MCD) employees and pay their salaries as soon as possible. We also believe the way BJP leading the government is not procedure and I hope the AAP government provides better services to the common man.

AAP will always raise voice against such acts. We will help the common man a And their necessities said, Pathak.