China Pulls Back Galwan Valley Troops

After weeks, China decides to pull back its troops from the Galwan Valley. This happened six days after the agreement with India. The disengagement of troops along the LOC was concluded in a telephonic conversation with Ajit Doval, the National Security Advisor of India. India’s Ministry of External Affairs has stated that both the countries should take immediate action on the ongoing disengagement process. The Times of India has confirmed the said conversation held on Sunday. It declared that China has already pulled back their troops from the 1 Kilometre of Galwan Valley to carry out the disengagement.

China Pulls Back Galwan Valley Troops

On June 15, it was a dark day for the Indian Arm. The sudden attacks of Chinese soldiers killed around 20 soldiers. The deadly sequence took place in the Galwan Valley. The Indian soldiers also gave a tough fight and managed to defeat about 43 soldiers of the rival group. From that time onwards, India has decided to non-cooperate with China. Indian Government also launched the full-fledged combat against China. The significant steps that India Government took in this respect are banning the 59 Chinese apps and restricting the Chinese investment proposals in different fields, including infrastructure.

China Pulls Back Galwan Valley Troops

The Honorable PM, Narendra Modi, paid a surprise visit to Ladakh for addressing the brave soldiers after this sudden attack from China’s side. Just after three days of this visit, China got engaged in this disengagement procedure. Modi addressed the Army by saying that the era of expansionism has come to an end. The forces got defeated or were forced to return due to the sudden attack.

Media saw the addressing of the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry. He explained that both India and China are progressive nations. They have come up with appropriate measures in favor of the front line soldiers. On June 30, the militaries of both the parties sat for a personal talk.



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