Changing Job Sectors in Different Parts of Genrmany

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Changing Job Sectors in Different Parts of Genrmany, A significant fact in recent years, the migratory balance has reversed in Germany. One of the main reasons mentioned is that of the employment boom in Germany until the crisis. The shortage of skilled labor attracts immigrants from European Union and non-EU countries affected by unemployment.

Are the French looking for work part of this wave? What difficulties can they encounter on the German job market in 2020?

Is the current crisis a driving force for job search in Germany or for professional retraining?

We are not yet at the height of the storm, but we have already been approached by many candidates who experience moments of personal questioning. A few months ago, job search and retraining was seen as a risk-taking, and therefore a brake.

Currently, the comfort zone is disappearing and many employees find themselves under pressure at their jobs after being placed on short-time work, teleworking overnight, or made redundant.

When they stay in their company, uncertainty about the future of the company grows around them, the prospects for development diminish some candidates find themselves in search of meaning and no longer identify with them.

We are also seeing a new trend emerging: more and more qualified candidates wish to apply to locally established companies, less vulnerable to crises, in more solid sectors, and not relocatable, or more sustainable environmentally friendly sectors and renewable energies. Some no longer fear losing the “elitist” status linked to their French diploma. They want to get out of the ranks of conformism by trying new experiences or moving towards new professions in Germany.

What is the profile of these French people who want to change jobs or retrain in Germany?

Changing Job Sectors in Different Parts of Genrmany, We are often approached by French candidates whose profile may seem atypical at first for a German employer: companies do not know French training courses. Or the profession exercised so far by those who are considering expatriation is very specific to the French market (example of a lawyer graduated in France in Public Law, a school teacher, etc.)