Call Of Duty Warzone Addition and Removal

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Call Of Duty Warzone Addition and Removal of the 200-Player Mode In Big Modern Warfare: A New Season 4 Update adds a limited-time increase to the battle game.

Saturday, 11th July 2020 – The ultimate game Call of Duty – Warzone is about to get bigger and better. The latest reports about the game, says that 200 players will be the new high. Currently, the limit is 150 players. The Season 4: Reloaded version updated on June 29, is great news for the gamers. However, the 200-player mode was soon removed, disappointing many fans. It was always labeled as a limited edition. It has been removed now, with the game’s latest playlist update. At least for now, the players and fans of this game have to be satisfied with small wars. It may come back again.

Call Of Duty Warzone Addition and Removal

The Updated Version – Call Of Duty Warzone

BR 200 was of Warzone’s biggest updates that supported 200 players in a single match. It also introduced a Juggernaut Royale mode. Apart from the playlist update, Infinity Ward also introduced micro-transaction bundles in the game of modern warfare. There is one commendable feature that can make your gun look like a shark. However, there is still some good news peeking through the horizon. Season 5 is rumored to bring some huge changes. Apart from this upgrade, the amazing war game is constantly in the news today. The older versions of Warzone modes like solos, duos, trios as well as quads are still available for fans and players who are hooked to this game. There are new playlists that were introduced like Gunfight tournaments, Dirty Old Houseboat, Realism, and Bomb Objective, to name a few. However, this is just the starting journey in the crypto world. There seem to be more developments on the horizon with respect to this game.