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BAHUBALI TO COMPLETE 5 YEARS JOURNEY: The film ‘Bahubali: The Beginning’ was released in 2015, which gains significant recognition after it is released. The film got a blockbuster hit when it was released. People recognized the cinema for its screenplay; script and direction, along with that actor, also played a vital role in making it a grand success. The main cast of the film, Pravas, shares a memory of the film today in his Instagram account. This picture has brought the fruit of success to the actor, as after the release of the picture, Pravas gained immense popularity and recognition in the film industry.

Magic of the team Bahubali

The team Bahubali has worked with great effort to make the film a grand success. The film was released in both Telegu and Tamil. After that, it was dubbed in Malayalam and Hindi. Every state the film released has gained immense recognition. The film breaks every record of the film industry and merges to be new insanity in India. After the film was released on 10th July 2015, the film was recognized as the third-highest earning film in the world, and the Hindi version of the film also gained recognition as the highest earned dubbed movie in the Indian cinema.


The main cast of the film Pravash’s career touched the peak of success. The actor got recognition as Pan-India superstar and also gained popularity in many other countries. When the first part ‘Bahubali – The Beginning’ released, there was a question that aroused in the mind of people about ‘Katappa’ but was solved in the second part ‘Bahubali – The conclusion came out.’ The picture overwhelmed every heart with joy; it was worth spending your hard-earned money on the theatre. Friday is special for the actor also for that the new look of ‘Pravash 20’ will be released.