UFC on Fox: Lee vs. Iaquinta 2 live results, discussion, play by play – Bloody Elbow

UFC on Fox: Lee vs. Iaquinta 2 live results, discussion, play by play – Bloody Elbow

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play for UFC on FOX 31, which goes down in Milwaukee, WI.

The headliner will take place in the lightweight division, where Al Iaquinta and Kevin Lee will renew hostilities in a rematch.

Live results and play-by-play will commence early, as is traditional with Fox cards, with the Fight Pass broadcast at 4pm ET/1pm PT. After two fights on the streaming network, the show will move to FS1 for six fights at 5pm ET/2pm PT. Then it’s main card time on big Fox at 8pm ET/5pm PT for four fights.

The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each match up.

Dan Ige vs. Jordan Griffin

Round 1 – Looks like they clashed heads immediately. Slow start otherwise. They both miss with lefts. Griffin wades in and eats a counter. Ige catches him with two shots. Griffin gets a takedown, but Ige’s the one that ends up on top. He’s on his back against the cage, attacking a choke. Griffin is cut. Ige sinks hooks. He’s up high, landing big shots. Mount. Ige with hard elbows. Griffin squirms out the back. He immediately looks for a guillotine. Ige fights hard and ends up on top again. Into mount. Ige is looking for an arm-triangle immediately. Great action there. Ige goes back to landing big shots from mount. Body shots. Again he gets up too high as Griffin gives up his back. Ige manages to stay on top this time though. Griffin gets up to one knee but ate a bunch of punches. He’s back up, and chucking leather immediately. They both land big shots! Great round! 10-9 Ige.

Round 2 – Inside leg kick from Ige. Griffin with a left hook. Ige with a power double takedown. Griffin almost got back to his feet but Ige stayed on him. Griffin did manage to spin out again. He somehow secures a choke while getting on his back! No hooks though and Ige shakes him off. Griffin ends up in Ige’s full guard. Ige hunting for a sub from the bottom. Griffin stands out and starts dropping big punches. Ige with upkicks. Griffins wisely decides to re-enter his guard. For a little while. He steps out and lands a big shot. Ige is defending well with his legs. Another left gets through though. Ige attacks a leg! Griffin easily avoids it though and takes Ige’s back with some more punches. Back to guard. 10-9 Griffin.

Round 3 – Inside leg kick from Ige. Griffin looks for a takedown but Ige stuffs him. They grapple against the fence. Ige with hard body shots, and they separate. Head kick from Griffin is blocked. Ige with a two-punch combo. He goes for his own takedown, and gets it with 2:50 to go. Griffin tries to get up but Ige grabs his ankle to immobilize him. Griffin perseveres though, and he’s up with 1:50 to go. They both land big shots. Ige looks for another takedown but they end up in a strange position where neither man has an advantage. Ige steps through and takes the top, but Griffin immediately tries to power to his feet. Knee from Griffin. Ige deftly rolls though and takes Griffin’s back. Griffin comes out the back and throws punches on Ige to the horn. 10-9 and 29-28 Ige.

Adam Milstead vs. Mike Rodriguez

Round 1 – Body kick from Rodriguez. They trade big shots immediately. Short left from Rodriguez drops Milstead. Rodriguez jumps into his guard, but can’t open up with big shots right way. He does land an elbow. Milstead almost sweeps but the cage wall stops it. Milstead ges up after about a minute. Rodriguez with a hard inside leg kick and puts together a conbo. They engage in close against the fence. Rodriguez with a front kick as they separate. He lands a hard knee to the liver and Milstead is hurt. Rodriguez is all over him with punches on the ground and the ref steps in.

Mike Rodriguez defeated Adam Milstead via TKO (strikes), 2:59 of round 1

Juan Adams vs. Chris de la Rocha

Round 1 – De La Rocha paws with the jab. He wades in with a wide right hook. Adams with a leg kick and he pressures with some punches. Good left. De La Rocha is cut already. Adams using his owns jab. Inside leg kick. De La Rocha with an outside leg kick. Adams puts together a combo. Adams counters and then gets a takedown. He’s dropping some elbows in half guard. De La Rocha’s head is bouncing off the floor. Adams moves to side control. De La Rocha gets up to his knees but is dragged back down. Full guard now. He tries to use a leg sweep. He’s attacking a heel hook. Adams stands up. De La Rocha is persisting but eating punches to the grill. De La Rocha finally gets up just before the horn. 10-9 Adams.

Round 2 – De La Rocha with a nice left. Adams flurries and they get into a wrestling match. De La Rocha puts him against the cage. Lots of in-fighting. Uppercut from De La Rocha. Both men are already tired. Back to the clinch. Adams with a few hard body shots. The ref separates them fairly quickly. De La Rocha with a body shot and a left. Both men are standing there with their hands down. Another left from De La Rocha. Adams with a right. De La Rocha puts together a few punches. Adams connects with a few and drags him to the mat. Adams works from half. The ground and pound gets more intense. De La Rocha’s face is busted up. 10-9 Adams.

Round 3 – Nothing happening early. Body kick from Adams. Big kneee and Adams flurries with punches. The ref steps in and it’s mercifully over.

Juan Adams defeated Chris De La Rocha via TKO (strikes), :58 of round 3

Main Card (8pm ET)

Kevin Lee vs. Al Iaquinta

Edson Barboza vs. Daniel Hooker

Rob Font vs. Sergio Pettis

Charles Oliveira vs. Jim Miller

FS1 Card (5pm ET)

Zak Ottow vs. Dwight Grant

Bobby Green vs. Drakkar Klose

Jared Gordon vs. Joaquim Silva

Gerald Meerschaert vs. Jack Hermansson

Trevor Smith vs. Zak Cummimgs


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