See Jimmy Kimmel’s adorable Election Day pancake art for his 4-year-old daughter

See Jimmy Kimmel’s adorable Election Day pancake art for his 4-year-old daughter

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/ Source: TODAY

By Alessandra Bulow

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t just the host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and the guy who gets parents to prank their children by telling them that they ate all of their Halloween candy.

He’s also the creator of many adorable pancakes for his 4-year-old daughter Jane.

The prolific pancake artist has made many colorful and playful pancakes over the years, but his Election Day creation has a very important message.

On Monday, Kimmel posted a photo on Instagram of Jane in her pajamas sitting in front of her homemade breakfast of red, white and blue pancakes that spelled out the word “vote.”

“Even pancakes know how important it is to #VOTE,” the talk show host captioned the post.

To create his intricate designs, Kimmel uses plastic squeeze bottles filled with batter that’s been enhanced with organic food coloring. He often sticks to creating pancake masterpieces that look like Jane’s favorite TV characters, like Thomas the Tank Engine.

One of his most impressive creations was Lightening McQueen from “Cars.”

He’s also made his own version of “bacon” pancakes, which looked like a cute little piggy and didn’t actually have any meat.

And then there was the time that he made Dory from “Finding Nemo” — and its sequel “Finding Dory.”

In March, Molly McNearney, Kimmel’s wife and the co-head writer for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” penned a humorous essay about her feelings of inadequacy when it comes to comparing their skills at making breakfast for Jane.

“I try to sell her on a bowl of oatmeal,” McNearney wrote in the Washington Post. “I tell her it’s Wonder Woman food. She doesn’t buy it. She demands the edible art she is accustomed to. I cave and nervously promise her a pancake. ‘I’ll make you a ‘brown ball’!’ She looks at me with confusion, followed by pity and then disgust. A tantrum follows.”

Even if there’s still a little lingering resentment about the laboriously decorated pancakes, there’s a good chance that all animosity has been put aside when it comes to Kimmel’s edible Election Day message.


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