‘Walking Dead’ Star Lawrence Gilliard Jr. Says L.A. Earthquakes Signal the End – TMZ

‘Walking Dead’ Star Lawrence Gilliard Jr. Says L.A. Earthquakes Signal the End – TMZ

‘Walking Dead’ Star
L.A. Earthquakes Signal End of Times
Here Comes the Looting!!!

7/6/2019 3:23 PM PT



The earthquakes that have rocked Southern California over the past few days have left one apocalyptically-inclined actor thinkin’ the end is near … so here are his ground rules.

We got ‘Walking Dead’ star Lawrence Gilliard Jr. out Saturday in L.A. — just a day after Friday’s scary 7.1 magnitude quake — and asked him if he saw any similarities between the panicked vibes of the city and what he and others experienced on the show.

Unfortunately (for all of us, perhaps), he suggests … uh, hell yeah. The fact folks are stocking up on supplies and planning for the worst ain’t a good sign, but like he says … “You gotta be prepared.” BTW, Lawrence believes that all the preparation in the world won’t do any good if/when the big one hits … ’cause Cali would be well underwater. 

Not to worry though, LGJ’s got a short-term plan to deal, for himself anyway. 

GROUNDBREAKING: SKY2 captured a large earth fissure that formed after Friday’s 7.1-magnitude earthquake near Ridgecrest https://t.co/jEruFjVyKv pic.twitter.com/dFlIGDhntm

— CBS Los Angeles (@CBSLA) July 6, 2019

ICYMI … California, and even parts of Nevada, felt the rumblings of the initial earthquakes and their aftershocks throughout Fourth of July weekend, and in some areas … it caused some serious damage and freaky imagery … like this here, where the ground starts to split.

Ridgecrest — about 100 miles east of Bakersfield — was reportedly hit the hardest, and it sent people scrambling for cover. Here’s the scene from inside a restaurant around that area.

The moment as a powerful magnitude 6.9/7.1 #earthquake hit #Ridgecrest, California. We were inside a restaurant as the entire building started shaking. Many people panicked as they tried to get to safety. #earthquake #caquake @foxnews #foxnews pic.twitter.com/0ma6To3rq7

— Jeff Paul (@Jeff_Paul) July 6, 2019

If it ain’t the end, then it damn near might be close — leaving open the possibility of looting. Lawrence has quite the take on that one as well … anything goes in the apocalypse.


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