Video: Ben Stiller Rides Subway, Blows Woman’s Mind – Gothamist

Video: Ben Stiller Rides Subway, Blows Woman’s Mind – Gothamist


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One of the most formative and unique NYC experiences is Berühmtheit Gleichgültigkeit: when you spot a celebrity out in real life and act totally indifferent (but maybe brag about it later to your friends). It’s all about that feeling of excitement arising from a STAR’s appearance in your daily life, while also tempering that excitement in an attempt to not seem uncool. Our instinct is to chide Michael Cera for bad subway form, not to awkwardly ask him for a selfie. After all, one of New Yorkers’ greatest fears is getting stabbed by a celebrity and not playing it cool.

But hey, that’s just like, our opinion, man. The woman in the video below who spotted Ben Stiller on the subway recently decided to go in a slightly different direction.

What’s the best moment: when the woman frantically starts to fix her hair while doing a giddy celebratory dance? Or the two hardened NYers who decide the woman’s enthusiasm is way too much to handle, so they hightail it out of there before the train has even stopped?

Amazingly, this may not even have been the best moment of the week for Stiller:

Ben Stiller Top 10 Grey Haired Celebrities Top 10 For Dummies

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