The world's richest man

The world's richest man

AmazonCEOJeff Bezosis the world’s richest man and recently at a conference. Bezos was speaking at the re: Mars conference in Las Vegas and asked for simplebusiness advice. As per a report by Fast Company, here’s what we have to say about certain things:

When asked about real passion to business

Bezos said “You’ll be competing against those who are passionate. . . You have to be a missionary, not a mercenary And, paradoxically, the missionaries end up making more money. “

On taking risks all the time

When asked about taking risks, the world’s richest man said, “If you have a business idea with no risk, it’s probably already done. You’ve got to have something It will be, in many ways, an experiment We take risks all the time, we talk about failure. “

“You are going to fail a lot”

The CEO of Amazon had said, “We need big failures in order to move the needle.” If we do not, we’re not swinging enough You really should be swinging hard, and you will fail, but that’s okay. When you swing hard in baseball, the maximum number of runs you can get is four. When you swing hard in business, you can get 100 runs. So you really want swing hard, and you are going to fail a lot, and you need a culture that supports that. When to stop? When the last champion is ready to throw in the towel, it’s time to stop And usually, that’s the last champion is me. “

On being right:

“People who are right a lot, and they change their mind a lot. People who are a lot of new data They wake up and reanalyze If you do not change your mind frequently, you’re going to be wrong a lot. People who are a lot want to disconfirm their fundamental biases “


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