The first few months will be spent doing damage control: Sourav Ganguly – Times of India

The first few months will be spent doing damage control: Sourav Ganguly – Times of India


Ever since he returned to his hometown Kolkata on Tuesday evening after being elected the

Board of Control for Cricket in India

(BCCI) president on Sunday,

Sourav Ganguly

has been in the middle of a flurry of activity wherever he goes.

The scene was similar when we reached the sets of his TV show, Dadagiri Unlimited, for an interview with one of Indian cricket’s most successful captains and CAB (Cricket Association of Bengal) chiefs. After wrapping up the shoot, he meets us with, “Sorry for the delay, but that’s how my life is!” and we quickly settle down for a chat. Even while Sourav speaks about his new post, the state of Indian cricket, MS Dhoni’s retirement rumours, Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri, congratulatory calls and messages keep pouring in.

Excerpts from the interview:

Will you place the moment of being announced as the BCCI president ahead of your cricketing glories?

My cricketing days cannot be compared with any other position or feeling. It is probably because of my cricketing glories that I got this opportunity to serve Indian cricket. Both have their own challenges and demand different ways of handling things.

What will be your 10-month plan of action?

Let me take over the position on October 23 first. There’s a lot of work to be done. I think 10 months is a lot of time. I will sit with the team – Jay (Shah), Arun (Dhumal) and Jayesh (George) – and take it forward. A lot of clean-up needs to be done and several things need to be understood, especially what has happened in the last three years. It was like an emergency in the last three years and we will have to get everything back in order. We will have to make all the team members stay together and take Indian cricket forward. The first three-four months will probably be spent doing damage control.


Do you think the time period (10 months) is enough to bring about a big change and do some good work?

I am not thinking about the time period because that’s what I have. So, I must do whatever I can in that time. There’s no point thinking about ifs and buts. We will do our best in 10 months.

How big a role will Jagmohan Dalmiya‘s inspiration play in your new role?

He is a legend and an inspiration, but I have actually not seen him being an administrator from close quarters because I was playing back then. I used to deal with him only on cricketing matters. I will do my work the way I know it. The effort will be a non-compromising one and we will see how it goes.

When you were building the team with Men in Blue as their captain, there would be reports of how you would convince selectors to give them multiple chances to perform. Now that you are on the other side of the table, will you give that scope to Virat Kohli too?

I will not interfere much. But I think if you are giving responsibilities to the selectors and the captain, you got to let them do it their way. So, we will see how it goes.


What are the takeaways of being the CAB chief that you think will hold you in good stead as the BCCI president?

The administrative capabilities, organising abilities, getting things done, rules and regulations will come in handy for all of us – the entire team. It’s also an administrative setup and that’s how you learn to take charge of situations.

MS Dhoni’s self-imposed break after the ICC WC 2019 has officially ended on September 21. As a selector, are you in favour of Dhoni continuing with the shorter forms/limited overs game?

I have not been a part of the system for a long time. So, I really don’t know what has transpired. Let me and my team join on October 23 and then we will find out what it is, why he hasn’t played and what his future is from the selectors’ point of view. The selectors from the previous board were dealing with this. So, I probably don’t have an answer to this question at the moment.

You must have received so many congratulatory calls and messages from family, friends, colleagues and fans. Did Ravi Shastri call too?

(Smiles) Please don’t ask me these questions. I am not here for any personal agenda. I am here to serve Indian cricket. My formula is simple – whoever is the best will be given an opportunity. That’s all.


What needs to be done to prepare this extremely talented side of Indian cricket ready for the World Cup? Should there be a rejig in the team or coach/ guidance?

No. They are a good side and have been playing well. Probably, the best side in the world at the moment. They have been pretty consistent. They may not have been able to win a major title for a while, but they have reached semi-finals and finals and played well in those tournaments. So, I really don’t see too much of a problem. Hopefully, Virat (Kohli) and the rest, once they get to the finals again, will take a relook at the team’s performance. We selectors, sitting in the boardroom, can’t do much.

Your wife, Dona, said you always have surprises in store for people. Is politics next on the cards?

(Laughs) Not at the moment.


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