Taapsee Pannu shows scant respect for Lady Journalist


Her films, Running Shaadi, Dil Junglee, Maanmarziyaan, Naam Shaabana did miserably in the box office, yet she leaves no stone unturned in ridiculing and throwing tantrums. According to sources, Tapasee has scant respect for anyone. Be it her own team or journalist interviewing her during her film promotion, Tapasee cares for none. She is rude, annoying and displays full of arrogance and disrespect towards all.

It happened that on 9th October, Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar were promoting their upcoming film
“ Saand Ki Aankh”. During the promotional event, Taapsee mocked and threw starry tantrums sparing none. At the receiving end was not only her team but also a media person present including a senior lady journalist. In her initial days, Taapsee was never shy of talking tall and opening her heart out to stay in news, but of late she finds questions asked by journalist irritating and gets annoyed at every question being asked to her. She cuts short the questions asked to her and never hesitates to insult a journalist in public. A source present during the promotion event said: “ I have seen that if any journalist does not ask questions which are to her liking, then she gets infuriated and insults the journalist “.
The most interesting thing is this that the film “ Saand Ki Aankh “, is a story about two elderly women who are a source of inspiration for women all around the world, in this context and after acting in such a film, when Taapsee was asked questions on burning gender issues and in particular the # Me Too movement, Taapsee started behaving with contempt as of the journalist was doing something menial and lowly.

Sources said that “ if Taapsee feels that a question raised by a journalist is not safe enough, she bursts out in anger in the interview and at the receiving end is the journalist for doing her / his work “ .

A senior lady journalist who had come to interview Taapsee, asked her, “whether, after the # Me too movement, Bollywood has become more gender-sensitive, the movement has seen a decline, if there is a need for more vigour and impetus to boost the movement, is the movement still relevant and that as a lady herself and one who has acted in women-centric films, how does she perceive the unfolding and future of the movement”. The question made Taapsee furious. She interrupted her before the conversation could be completed and started imparting lessons on journalism teaching the lady journalist what ought to be asked and what not. Labeling it as a weak question, Taapsee, publicly criticized, derided and taunted the journalist. Present there, was co-actress, Bhumi Pednekar who was calm, composed and answered her questions with great degree of composure.

Taapsee Pannu shows scant respect for Lady Journalist

As per sources who had come for the event, “Taapsee’s rudeness was not restricted to journalists and media who attended the event but also for her own team. It was indeed disappointing for everyone present. It felt that the women empowerment stand taken by Taapsee was nothing but hypocrisy and with an intention to stay in news headlines. Because had she believed in gender equality, she would not be so insensitive towards a lady journalist and even her own team. It also felt that she needs to introspect that esteem and dignity is a right of every individual and she has no right to bereft anyone of that. The moist eyes of the lady journalist and another lady from her own team, said it all.”