Every Manny Machado trade rumor, all in one place

Every Manny Machado trade rumor, all in one place

Manny Machado is going to get traded before the deadline. Whether that happens before or after the All-Star Game is debatable, but it happening is not. The odds of that are off the board. The Orioles are trading him away to try to get something for him before he leaves in free agency, but where is he going to end up?

The best part of the trade deadline is the rumor rush in July, of course, and no one has had more rumors attached to him so far than Machado. Here are all the rumors circling in one place.

July 10

Shortly after it came to light that the Yankees were in on Machado, the Red Sox also reportedly joined the fray. It mostly seems like a play to raise the price for New York, but you never know!

July 12

The Yankees’ interest continues, but who knows what “strong” offer means? Strong according to the Orioles? Strong according to a Yankees insider who leaked this opinion to a reporter hoping it would pressure the Orioles into accepting it? Probably the second option.

July 10

The Phillies are a frontrunner for Baltimore’s star, allegedly willing to give up the type of prospects that would make a trade worth it for the Orioles. Of course, Philadelphia would also make a great landing spot for Machado in the offseason once free agency rolls around so the might just wait this one out and spend their money instead of trading players.

July 9

Oh look, the Yankees decided to join the party! What a surprise. There’s no star that New York won’t at least be “interested” in and Machado is no exception. While many expected them to wait until free agency due to the Orioles’ notorious refusal to trade players to the Yankees, there are firsts for everything.

New York Yankees v Washington Nationals - Game One

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July 9

Another frontrunner, the Brewers and Machado are one of the best fits of any team rumored to be after him right now. They need the bat, and their postseason chances would look even better than they already do with him on the roster. (As any team’s chances would, to be fair.)

July 3

Manny Machado and the Dodgers aren’t a perfect fit, but they were reportedly interested in him enough for it to become a rumor. Since they’ve since rebuffed pretty much every package request the Orioles have made this looks like just tire kicking for now though.


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