Sardar Patel's statue to tower over MEA conference

Sardar Patel's statue to tower over MEA conference

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel statue near Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat is the world’s tallest statue

NEW DELHI: India’s foreign policy has had its genesis in Nehru and his idealism but, as the government works overtime to Sardar Patel of legacy, then it’s time for the foreign service mandarins to give some seriously tribute to leader India’s Bismarck And there is no better way of doing it probably than by diving, literally so, at the feet of the Sardar.
For the first time ever, the Foreign Ministry’s annual Heads of Missions (HoMs) Conference, a gathering of all Indian ambassadors and high commissioners meant to strategize on promoting India’s interests abroad, Delhi out of the move and instead of Patel’s Statue of Unity inGujarat‘s Narmada district
The conference, perhaps India’s most significant exercise in strategic thinking, has been delayed this year because of the Lok Sabha elections and will be held in September.
Official sources here said a “tent city” will be set up near what is the tallest statue in the world for the conference which will be addressed by PMNarendra Modiafter its inauguration by Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar.
This year’s conference in India’s trade issues with the US, relations with China and Russia amid the trump administration unpredictability, mobilising support for the government’s position on terrorism, increasing FDI inflow, consular and diaspora issues key focus areas.
As the dramatic as the change of venue for HoMs conference may appear to many, it’s unlikely to come as a surprise to those who have closely followed what Modi and Union Home MinisterAmit Shah aresaying about Patel and “injustice” done to him by Nehru

Only last week, in a state Sabha address, Modi said, “It is a known fact that if Sardar Patel was the first Prime Minister then we did not have any problems in the Jammu and Kashmir”. He went on to urge to pay tribute to Patel. Two days later, in the same house, Shah blamed Nehru for the creation of PoK and said the situation in the state did not have to be deteriorated to the extent they had now if Nehru did Patel in confidence.
This will not be the first time though that statue of unity will play host to a high-level conference. The annual DGP Conference was also held last year at the same venue and was addressed by Modi. Foe India’s dapper diplomatic set has “I have already expanded my reading list to include more of Patel instead of mugging up only on Gandhi and Nehru. The HOMs conference should help us learn more about Patel’s world view,” said anonymity of condition on a central European country in an Indian ambassador .


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