Royal SHOCK: Princess Diana ‘desperately wanted’ more children with Charles – Express

Royal SHOCK: Princess Diana ‘desperately wanted’ more children with Charles – Express

Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s marriage went from joyous beginnings when they wed in front of the world in 1981, to an infamously unhappy union on both sides. Prince William and Prince Harry’s parents finally divorced in 1996 on the advice of the Queen after a four-year separation. It has been widely accepted that Princess Diana was increasingly unhappy in her marriage after the births of Princes William and Harry.

However, royal author Tina Brown claims that in fact the Princess of Wales “desperately wanted” to have more children with Prince Charles.

Ms Brown, in her 2007 book ‘The Diana Chronicles’, writes: “Despite everything, Diana remained tenaciously in love with Charles.

“Diana desperately wanted more children – with him.”

Ms Brown writes that despite their mutual struggles in the marriage, the couple did have some things in common.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles with Harry and WIlliam

Author Tina Brown says that Diana wanted more children with the Prince of Wales (Image: Getty)

Princes Harry and William with their parents

The Prince and Princess of Wales were united in their love for their boys (Image: Getty)

She adds: “Most of all, there was the love they shared for William and Harry”

Ms Brown also describes how the Princess’s private secretary, Patrick Jephson, “believes that, but for Camilla’s refusal to back off, the marriage could have been saved by a workable truce which which might have eventually become a negotiated peace.”

As their marriage neared its end in 1992, the Prince and Princess of Wales still “put on a show of unity” and “Diana made a genuine effort”.

Added to this, a former royal insider also claims that Princess Diana “always wanted” to have a baby girl.

Princes William and Harry

Princes William and Harry as toddlers at Kensington Palace (Image: Getty)

Paul Burrell, who was the Princess of Wales’ butler for ten years, says: “To have [a] baby girl in the family would have made everything for Diana”.

He adds that Diana would have “loved” the birth of Princess Charlotte in 2015.


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