Royal Expert Denies Rumours That The Queen Is Dead – LADbible

Royal Expert Denies Rumours That The Queen Is Dead – LADbible
Royal Expert Denies Rumours That The Queen Is Dead
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A royal commentator has ruled out rumours currently circulating – seemingly from a WhatsApp group chat – claiming The Queen is dead.

Charlie Proctor, the editor-in-chief at Royal Central took to Twitter in a bid to quash the alleged hoax:

Yesterday the rumours started to spread when a screenshot of a WhatsApp group chat was shared around, claiming that news of the 93-year-old monarch’s death would be announced at 9.30am this morning.

The shared chat group – called ‘Old times’ – shows a message forwarded from someone named ‘Gibbo’, saying: “Queen’s passed away this morning, heart attack, being announced 9.30am tomorrow.”

Another message below claims that the news has come from ‘a guard’s reg WhatsApp group’. A third expresses doubt, before another reply states: “Not sure mate, just got it passed to me, they did keep the queen mother’s death quiet through for 24 hours.”

The hoax group chat. Credit: Twitter
The hoax group chat. Credit: Twitter

However, not everyone is convinced by Charlie Proctor’s tweet denying the rumour, with one person responding: “Having a pre-booked engagement doesn’t preclude someone from being dead, and it’s definitely not proof that they aren’t.”

Another joked: “I dunno m8. The story’s been backed up by Cheeks, Burnsy, Josh, Morty,” before going on: “Ricey weren’t so sure, but that’s cause he’s got a degree in Media Studies.”

Many people were dubious about the validity of the original message, however, with one person writing: “Highly doubt her death would be secretly announced over WhatsApp”.

Another person was more forthright, posting: “Idiot hour on Twitter as people rush to believe lies about the Queen’s non-existent death.”

LADbible has contacted Buckingham Palace’s press office for a comment.

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