Rockets vs. Jazz score: James Harden beats the scheme – SB Nation

Rockets vs. Jazz score: James Harden beats the scheme – SB Nation

Amid a second straight James Harden dismantling of the Utah Jazz, Nekias Duncan made a really compelling point: Harden has the Jazz — the best defense in the NBA over the second half of the season — so shook that they tore up their normal defensive scheme. And it’s not working.

Harden had a 32-point triple-double as the Rockets beat the Jazz by 20 in Game 2, taking a 2-0 series lead that feels a lot bigger. Utah continues to force Harden right, and Harden is so good he continues taking Utah up on that offer and hitting stepbacks, getting to the rim, and finding open teammates. He’s too smart to get predictable against. But the Jazz feel like they have no other options. They might be right.

This is a dismantling, and that project second-round series against the Warriors is starting to look pretttttty interesting, isn’t it?

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Pacers 91, Celtics 99

Boston leads 2-0

Pistons 99, Bucks 120

Milwaukee leads 2-0

Jazz 98, Rockets 118

Houston leads 2-0


Sixers at Nets, 8 ET, TNT

Series tied 1-1

Nuggets at Spurs, 9 ET, NBA TV

Series tied 1-1

Warriors at Clippers, 10:30 ET, TNT

Series tied 1-1


The Pacers had an epic 51-second meltdown in Boston to lose Game 2 to the Celtics. What a bummer. Dan Devine asks whether Boston’s winning formula will work on anyone other than the Pacers.

The Pistons, still without Blake Griffin, do not appear to belong in the same gym as the Bucks.

Look, this Alex Wong piece on Michael Jordan’s ‘90s cologne is just brilliant. Just a rush of nostalgia in one bad fragrance that apparently all of experienced separately and together. I did not wear Eau de GOAT as a teen, though. Gimme the Stetson.

Zito Madu on respecting DeMarcus Cousins’ decision to move on from the “Boogie” identity. Me on why you shouldn’t give up on Boogie now.

Department of Corrections: yesterday, I wrote that Breanna Stewart had a torn ACL. It’s actually a tore Achilles, which is worse. Some day, I will keep these injuries straight. Some day. Meanwhile, Chris Herring with a really good piece on how the WNBA won’t be the same without Breanna.

Jimmy Butler as point guard helps the Sixers win Game 2.

Ricky O’Donnell on De’Andre Hunter’s evolution into a top NBA draft prospect.

LeBron made the Time 100. His blurb was written by Warren Buffet. On the other hand, LeBron has never released a terrible cologne.

In appreciation of Cold Blooded Damian Lillard. The Blazers are finally having the postseason they’ve been waiting for.

We might have our first big NBA Global Academy success story.

Tamika Catchings is headed to American Ninja Warriors, and she’s taking it seriously. This should be fun.

Brian Windhorst on how to coach LeBron.

A theory that David Griffin will try to pitch Anthony Davis on staying in New Orleans before trading him. I mean, it’s worth a try. A.D. is clearly all over the place.

Depending on where you talk to people, retired NBA player Jerrod Mustaf is either a treasured community leader or someone who got away with murder.

Be excellent to each other.


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