Report: Phillies owner leaves Las Vegas with no Harper deal –

Report: Phillies owner leaves Las Vegas with no Harper deal –

MESA, Ariz. — The unwritten rules of baseball sometimes tend to be the rules most pay attention to, or abide by.

As for the real “rules” of the game — or why things happen the way they do — doesn’t it make you wonder why? Why do people in the crowd boo when the pitcher attempts a pick-off from the mound? Why is it superstitious to step on a foul line when walking on and off the field? And many more …

I asked the wonderful people on Twitter some of the random thoughts they had on the sport, and I did my best to answer them. Or — at least, my opinion on why certain things occur.

What’s something random you’ve always thought or wondered about with baseball? Could be about a player, a team, a specific baseball moment?

— Jessica Kleinschmidt (@KleinschmidtJD) February 20, 2019

Here were some of my favorites. 

“Why do bullpens empty for brawls? What exactly can be accomplished that’s good by the time they get there?” — @SPORTMAN32

I can see where Sportman is coming from, but I also believe in having the backs of your teammates. Whether you’re able to be involved in the confrontation or not, knowing you have that person’s back is essential to me.

“How much does a batter’s warm up on deck impact their performance?” — @dearkatiedodd

This is a great question, and something I’ve been wondering for years as well. I get the idea of having a routine — a type of superstition if you will. I also try and put myself in the shoes of the pitcher and think about how frustrating that must be.

“Why fans boo pick-off attempts?” — @THMead3

I don’t know. I seriously have no idea, but it’s annoying. (The booing).

“Why bullpens aren’t subterranean lairs from which relievers rise, Phantom of the Opera-like, on a stage life to the mound.” — @zachrymer

Zach Rymer writes about baseball for a living so I’m not sure why he asked me! I’m always down for a Phantom of the Opera conversation, however.

“What they talk about during a mound visit.” — @SteeGar

I just spoke for a former Major League pitcher about this. Simply put, he said “the hitter.”

He also admitted they’ve spoken about girls in the crowd as well. 

Can’t hate on the honesty.

“If Ken Griffey Jr. never left Seattle, would he have 800+ home runs?” — @MisaelGonzalez


“It would be fun to learn what opposing team players say to each other once on base. It would be a great coffee table book.” –@SFGIantsJeezus

I am trying to find the right network to pitch a reality television show that is all about what Joey Votto talks to runners on first about.

“Why are managers/coaches in uniforms?” — @NegativeEddie83

This is something I’ve always wondered, too. Other coaches wear suits or khakis — or sweatshirts that have the sleeves cut off. So weird.

“How does Brandon Crawford’s hair look so perfect all the time?” — @ScottSnow1

So, I actually asked Brandon’s wife, Jalynne, for the answer …

It’s not wet… he uses Johnny B’s hair gel and it looks wet! #solvedit 💁🏼‍♀️

— Jalynne Crawford (@JalynneC35) May 25, 2018

You’re welcome. 

“Why is the shortstop numbered six in the box score instead of five?” — @Stour51510

I believe it originated because the shortstop position was an outfield position at one point? And I think the number just kind of got stuck as the number to signify the shortstop position.

“Can Mike Trout make the Hall of Fame without any playoff success?” — @jjkzjo

Well, he better. 


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