Rafale deal unraveling faster than government: Congress – Times of India

Rafale deal unraveling faster than government: Congress – Times of India

NEW DELHI: The Congress on Monday said the Rafale deal is “unravelling” faster than the government, with issues like “parallel negotiations” by the PMO and changes in the standard defense procurement process to the fore.

The anti-corruption penalties and making payments through an escrow account has been delayed by days of declining. Signing of the inter-governmental agreement (IGA).


Senior Congress leader and former


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said the Rafale deal is unravelling faster than government thought.

“First, it was the loading of the India’s specific Enhancement costs on 36 aircraft instead of 126 aircraft giving a bonanza to Dassault. Then it was the revelation that ‘parallel negotiations’ were carried forward by PMO undermining the efforts of the Indian Negotiating Team , “he said in a series of tweets.

Now it is revealed that the Defense Defense of Procurement in the clauses, he said.

“No sovereign guarantee, no bank guarantee, no escrow account, yet a huge amount was paid as advance,” Chidambaram alleged.

Lashing out at the Modi government, he said, “No penalty clause for undue influence, no clause against agency commission, no clause for suppliers’ accounts, and Dassault bank all the way to the laughing.”

Citing the media report, Congress’ chief spokesperson

Randeep Surjewala

said, “Modiji, after waiving off sovereign guarantee in Rafale deal, you also waived off the ‘anti-corruption measure’ of a ‘safeguard escrow a / c’! What is the corruption you want to hide?”

The whole country is abuzz that ”


chor hai “, he said.

The Congress has been accused of irregularities in the Rafale deal but the government has vehemently rejected all allegations


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