‘Property Brothers’ Sibling J.D. Scott Has Secretly Been Battling Mystery Illness For Over a Year – TooFab

‘Property Brothers’ Sibling J.D. Scott Has Secretly Been Battling Mystery Illness For Over a Year – TooFab

“There was a few times where I was pretty sure I was dying,” he reveals, choking up.

J.D. Scott, brother to “Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan, just revealed he’s been fighting a private and emotional battle for over a year behind closed doors.

In a lengthy video he titled “The Truth Behind JD’s Mysterious Last Year,” Scott and fiancee Annalee Belle revealed he’s been in and out of numerous doctors offices over the past 13-14 months after a hospitalization in May 2018.

“You may have noticed over the last, just over a year, that I do a lot of content from the office and from home. The reason why that is, I’ve been quite sick,” he said at the top of the video. Of the event that left him hospitalized, he said it “was so bad that I thought I was dying” and left him preparing for the worst.

“Instead of going to the hospital, he typed out an email to me, telling me to take care of everything in case this was it,” said Belle.

What followed was a series of tests and brain MRIs, as doctors at one point or another thought he had an autoimmune disease, lupus, a brain aneurism, then two brain aneurisms or a “new pathway” that had formed in his brain.

Of his symptoms, J.D. said he found himself “extremely sensitive to heat,” noting that temps over 70 degrees would make him “suddenly feel like [his] skin was on fire, I’d start passing out and I’d be out of commission for sometimes days.” He added that he barely left the house and sat out on a family vacation, because he couldn’t venture to places where he couldn’t control the temperature.

Scott also felt pressure in his head, which he described as a “crawly feeling” on his skull “like tendrils across the scalp,” for which he eventually found targeted medication to help with.

“There was a few times where I was pretty sure I was dying,” he said, getting emotional.

Eventually, he turned to a functional physician who specialized in both holistic and western medicine, a doctor who noted it was likely not just one thing he was dealing with.

The doctor also found a “pretty severe infection,” for which he started taking antibiotics. Paired with a new diet — he cut out wheat, soy, gluten and sugar — he “started to feel a little bit better.”

While he noted he’s felt “huge progress,” he’s still not back to 100%. Scott also told his viewers to “keep your mind open” if ever experiencing something similar.

He went on to thank Belle for being by his side, because he “wouldn’t have made it” without her. He and his fiancee also claimed some of their friends made “crappy comments” about his situation and stopped checking in on him.

After his post went live, his brother Drew left a message in the comments.

“We love you guys!! And are so happy that you’re feeling better JD,” he wrote. “We are always here to support.”

Drew’s wife, Linda Phan, added, “Wuv you guys. I’m happy you’re at a point where you’re able to share what you’ve been going through. We’re all here for ya.”


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