Now, Nawaz Sharif’s grandsons taken into custody by London police

Now, Nawaz Sharif’s grandsons taken into custody by London police
NEW DELHI: As former Pakistani Prime Minister
Nawaz Sharif faces arrest this evening in Lahore,
London Police yesterday took his grandsons into custody because they reportedly punched a man for allegedly hurling abuses at them outside their flat, reported Dawn.

Sharif’s son owns the flat at Avenfield House, Park Lane, in London where supporters of, as well as those against, former Pakistan PM Sharif have been gathering since he was last week sentenced to 10 years in prison. Ironically, Sharif’s conviction relates to the purchase of luxury apartments in London – including at Avenfield – through dodgy financial means.

Yesterday, protesters gathered outside the Avenfield residence where a man is said to have hurled abuses at Sharif’s grandsons Junaid Safdar and Zakaria Sharif. Following that, the two apparently grabbed the protestor by his collar and proceeded to punch him. Junaid is Sharif’s daughter Maryam‘s son, while Zakaria is Sharif’s son Hussain’s progeny.

The police were notified, and they handcuffed Junaid and Zakaria, took them into custody, and moved them to a nearby police station, reported DunyaNews.

“The protesters gathered outside Avenfield House spat at me and tried to attack me,” said Junaid as he was being led away by the police, reported Dawn.

Last week, ousted Prime Minister Sharif was

sentenced to 10 years in prison
for owning assets beyond his known income and for not cooperating with Pakistan’s National Accountability Bureau, reported Dawn.

Sharif daughter Maryam was sentenced to seven years in prison for abetment after she was found “instrumental in concealment of the properties of her father”.

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