Nothing wrong about raising aspirations, PM says students – Times of India

Nothing wrong about raising aspirations, PM says students – Times of India

New Delhi: There is nothing wrong about raising


and expectations as it is an expression of faith and a negative environment is not conducive to achievement, Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

said on Tuesday in response to a student’s question on how he dealt with the public’s expectation.

Terming aspiration as a positive sign in society, Modi said India should have 1.25 billion aspirations. The PM, in his address to students during the second edition of “Pariksha pe Charcha” here, said it is faith in him that is raising expectations and high goals of achieving him.

“In a way Suppose a patient who has given up hope of getting well and living … no matter how good medicine is given to that person, can a person like well be? So can a society, a person or a family soaked in negativity do well for anyone? “The PM asked

“So, the hopes and aspirations are necessary for emancipation in society. It’s a belief when someone says, ‘How come this is not happening when you are here Modiji (the PM)? I want that 1.25 billion citizens should have 1.25 billion aspirations. These aspirations should be brought to light One should not be burdened by aspirations, but we should be ready to meet expectations, “he added.

In the course of the townhall, the PM interacted with around 2,000 school students who gathered from all states and Union territories at

Talkatora Stadium

here. He also connected live with students from countries like Oman, Iran, Nepal, Kuwait and Russia during the second edition of the “Pariksha Pe Charcha”. For the first time, parents and teachers also posed queries to Modi

The PM showed himself up to the mark with popular online games when he was responding to a mother concerned over the time, saying: “PUBG wala is what?” Modi’s quick response audience from a laugh elicited.

A student asked whether one should set strict targets or easy ones Stating that instead of reaching for “low-hanging fruit”, the PM said the bar should be sufficient enough to inspire a person to achieve higher goals. “Nishan chook maaf, par nichu nishan nahi maaf,” he said, explaining that the mark can be forgiven, but the bar too low setting for no excuse.

The PM arrived at the venue for a rousing welcome with students chanting “Modi, Modi”. During his interaction he took around 20 questions – from those on success and failure, aspirations, to technology, stress, challenges, time management, choosing a stream of studies, as well as on how to deal with hostel life. And students wanted more time with the PM, some ruining the fact that they did not get a chance to ask questions.

Advising parents do not try to fulfill their own unfulfilled dreams through their children, he said: “Do not treat your ward’s report card as your visiting card.”

Another topic close to his heart, “swachhata”, made its way in the interaction, receiving a loud applause from his young audience. Responding to a student’s query on dealing with depression, he offered the solution to write out the pangs and tear up the piece of paper. Pausing in between, he reminded the students that the torn pieces of paper should be kept in the pocket and not littered.

With less than one month to go for the Class 10 and 12 board exams, the PM discusses ways to handle stress in the interactive session. “Our learning can not be reduced to exams only. Our education must be different as well I believe that anything that challenges us polishes us too, “he said.

The PM said technology should lead to expansion of the mind and be seen as a means to innovate, but, he also asked students to not forget the playground.

Talking about depression, Modi said: “Students living in the hostels can also find some senior or a person with whom they can share their feelings. Parents should try to connect their child with someone who can help their child in a time of crisis or need. A get-together once a weekend will also help. ”


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