Man looks out plane window mid-flight and films engine falling apart –

Man looks out plane window mid-flight and films engine falling apart –

When it comes to the worst possible thing you could ever see on a plane, you may envision your ex-spouse or literally any Adam Sandler film.

But those are minor quibbles compared to the actual aircraft around you falling apart at the seams.

Which is exactly what one passenger witnessed aboard Delta flight 1425 from Hartsfield-Jackson International airport in Atlanta.

Around an hour into the flight to Baltimore, the crew reported there was an issue with one of the plane’s engines and it was necessary to make an emergency landing.

Thankfully, the aircraft touched down safely and none of the 148 passengers on board were harmed.

But in a terrifying video posted to Twitter by passenger Logan Webb, the engine can be clearly seen with the spinner detached and rattling around the inlet as the plane continues to fly.

There is an orange glow visible from the spinning shaft of the engine that – not too put too fine a point on it – would likely scare the ever-loving crap out of anyone that saw it.

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In a statement to ABC News, Delta said the flight crew had received ‘an indication of a possible issue with one of the aircraft’s engines,’ which necessitated the emergency landing.

Delta Air Lines McDD MD-88 (N906DL, built 1987) suffered major damage of its left engine #1 during flight #DL1425 from Atlanta to Baltimore. The pilots safely diverted to Raleigh Durham Airport (KRDU), NC. All 148 passengers remained unhurt.

— JACDEC (@JacdecNew) July 9, 2019

A bit of further investigation reveals the plane in question was a 32-year-old MD-88 which, according to Popular Mechanics, is ‘the oldest plane in service with any major US airline.’

The engines are located at the back of the fuselage rather than underneath the wings and pilots actually have to relearn checklist procedures because the aircraft controls are so antiquated.

In fact, the pilots refer to the MD-88 as ‘Mad Dog’ because it’s so difficult (and one would assume, dangerous) to fly.

Delta is planning to retire the MD-88 by 2020 although according to local reports, this particular model has already had its engine replaced and is slated to resume active duty later this week.



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