Let there be contest for assessment performance of 'family' and 'chaiwala': PM Modi – Times of India

Let there be contest for assessment performance of 'family' and 'chaiwala': PM Modi – Times of India

SHAHDOL (MP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that he was ready for a contest between “four generations” of the Nehru-Gandhi family and that of “four years of a chaiwala”, and asserted that his government provided poor people people with amenities like access to banks, power and LPG, which the Congress could not do during its 55-year rule.

Addressing a rally here ahead of the November 28 elections in Madhya Pradesh,

PM Modi

said the Congress, which was seeking an account of the BJP government’s performance, should explain what it did for the state during its five-decade rule

“It is clear before you, 15 years (of BJP rule in Madhya Pradesh) versus 55 years (of Congress rule). And I’m surprised! You should also seek an account of (the performance of) Modi. it

“What is the government of four generations of a family given to the nation and what is a chaired given in four years. Come on, let there be a contest,” he added.

Modi said his government has ensured that every poor in the country has a bank account and it was done in just four years, while the Congress gave the slogan of ‘

garibi hatao

‘(eradicate poverty) in the 1970s, but did nothing

“Indira Gandhi had carried out nationalisation of banks with an aim to ensure that all the access to the banking facilities.

“Now this government has ensured that all the poor have bank accounts and we did it in just four years,” he said.

“What they were unable to do in 55 years, we have done in four years including in electricity, LPG and roads, among other things,” he said, listing the achievements of his government.

Calling Congress leaders “jhooth ke shehanshah” (he is the king of lies), he has alleged that his actions and his words were “part of the Congress” character. Without naming anyone, Modi said, “In Parliament, too, Congress leaders talk of love, but express anger in Madhya Pradesh.”

Speaking on the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha on 20 July this year, Congress chief

Rahul Gandhi

Narendra Modi and projected the RSS, BJP and its top leaders as agents of “anger and hatred” and “thanked” them for making him a Congressman, a Indian and a Hindu, and “only love” “for them. Rahul Gandhi had created a flutter when he reached the treasury benches and embraced the Prime Minister.

Accusing the Congress of spreading lies, Modi on Friday said he was surprised as to how the country’s oldest political party won the elections “for so many years”. Modi said that the opposition was less powerful then and the media was not as vibrant as it is now.

“So, whatever lies they will serve, those will percolate down.” And people will buy the lies as truths. “Now, we learn how ‘lies of shehanshah’ is lying, how many times and where they lie. when asleep, “he quipped.

Hitting back at Rahul, who termed demonetization as the biggest scam in the history of Independent India during a rally in the state, PM Modi said, “Only those Congress leaders, who unfairly earned money, are crying”, note ban on over and not common man

Modi said that the common man was no longer hassled due to the ban on ban on November 8, 2016.

“They did face problems before and even we’ve said so, but not now,” he said.

He asked the audience whether he was still facing problems due to the old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, and he replied in negative. Modi also asked whether “lying under the pillows and elsewhere” in the banking system.

“Post-demonetisation only those Congress leaders, who earned money unfairly, are crying and not the common man,” he said.

Modi hailed the Shivraj Singh Chauhan government in the building roads, hospitals and other public infrastructure facilities.

The PM said the center of achieving the goal of housing for all by 2022, when India completes 75 years of its independence.


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