Lane Johnson calls Donovan McNabb a snake over Carson Wentz remarks –

Lane Johnson calls Donovan McNabb a snake over Carson Wentz remarks –

No. 5 will always love you … unless your name is Carson Wentz.

“I think, personally, if he can’t get out of the second round in the next two, maybe three, years, but really two years, to be honest with you,” McNabb told CBS Sports Radio host Zach Gelb. “If he can’t get out of the second round, they should look to possibly draft another quarterback because you just don’t know about his durability.”

Wentz missed six games last season, and tore his ACL during his MVP-caliber 2017 season, paving the way for Nick Foles’ historic Super Bowl MVP performance.

But Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson came to his teammate’s defense, savaging McNabb on Twitter with a message heavy with snake emojis.

Johnson wasn’t finished. Late Sunday night, Johnson called into 94.1 WIP and explained to host Paul Jolovitz why he took to Twitter to call McNabb a snake.

“This is what I meant — every training camp we have all of these ex-players come and shake our hands, wish us good luck. Then, they just go out and just talk hate. I feel there is a lot of envy, jealousy, and I see a lot of fakery,” Johnson said. “You would think the best quarterback in franchise history would try to build up a young man that looks up to him instead of always criticizing him, critiquing him and wishing he would fail so he could be the missing link and feel better himself.”

“I don’t think [McNabb] wants [Wentz] to out-succeed him,” Johnson continued. “I felt like a lot of players, even when we were making our Super Bowl (run) didn’t want us to win. That is just how it is. People can put on a good show, a good face, but the eyes never lie. I see it, a lot of other teammates see it.”

McNabb did not immediately respond to a request for comment, thought he did have one defender: FS1 host and noted Eagles troll Skip Bayless, who has been critical of Wentz.

Donovan McNabb is absolutely right about Carson Wentz.

— Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless) April 20, 2019

Earlier this month, McNabb appeared on Phoenix NBC affiliate 12 News, writing on Twitter: “Feels so good to be back doing what you love.”


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