Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar: From the best to love, in 8 yrs – Times of India

Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar: From the best to love, in 8 yrs – Times of India

KOLKATA: On May 20, 2011, just after being sworn in as chief minister,

Mamata Banerjee

had enquired about Rajeev Kumar, whom she had accused of snooping on opposition leaders before coming to power. Sensing that she might transfer him to a less important post, officers advised her against it Eight years on, his decision to sit on a protest at Metro Channel to protest against CBI’s move to question the very Kumar has not come.

In the past eight years, the 1989 batch IPS officer earned her confidence and became one of her most-trusted lieutenants and served as


and Kolkata CP “She was said to be a visionary officer with modern-day policing skills. She listened to the advice and the rest is history. Kumar has proved his worth through his policing acumen and deft knowledge of technology Today, he is one of the closest officers of the CM It is not surprising that she has come out in full support of Kumar, “a senior police officer said.

As SSP (CID), Kumar is credited with cracking the 2001 Khadim abduction case and the probe in 2002 USIS attack, Kolkata’s first brush with jihadi out-fits. For a long time, he had been subjected to life-threat and he did travel in a vehicle without a license.

A BE in

computer science

, Kumar hails from UP and his wife is an IRS officer. He was among the officials of Kolkata Police who set up the STF to probe terrorism and anti-Maoist cases. He is credited with establishing the cyber security wing. “If he is not working, he is upgrading himself. Nobody can recall He is a workaholic and inspire his colleagues to put their best, “said one of his juniors. Kumar had enrolled for PhD and even written columns briefly.

A fitness enthusiast, he has used his equipment in his ante-chamber “He takes short breaks to do push-ups and crunches,” said an officer.


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