Kimmel Roasts Eric and Don Jr. for Defending Trump Against UFC Boos – The Daily Beast

Kimmel Roasts Eric and Don Jr. for Defending Trump Against UFC Boos – The Daily Beast

Jimmy Kimmel began his monologue Monday night with daylight saving time. “Yes, we got an extra hour of sleep, but we also got an extra hour of Donald Trump being president of the United States,” he said. “I’d like to set my calendar ahead—a year.”

“As you know, the president got booed at the World Series,” the late-night host added later. “And he got booed at another sporting event on Saturday night.”

Kimmel was of course referring to the UFC fight at Madison Square Garden where the president “did not get a friendly reception in his hometown of New York,” receiving “more boos than cheers” from the crowd.  

“Donald Trump getting booed at the UFC is like Mayor Pete getting booed at Gap Kids,” he joked. “It shouldn’t happen.”

But instead of focusing on the president, Kimmel really wanted to talk about his two sons, who “took to Twitter to defend daddy.”

“And I guess they were still jacked up on Red Vines and Mountain Dew,” Kimmel said. “Because DJTJ wrote angrily, ‘Despite the bullshit from blue checkmark Twitter, when we walked into the arena it was overwhelmingly positive.’”

    After noting that Trump’s eldest son also has a verified blue check next to his Twitter handle, Kimmel asked, “Is that some new kind of code word for the liberal elite now? The blue checkmarks?”

    Meanwhile, Eric Trump tweeted at the media, “What a joke. You are the most dishonest people. The audience was chanting ‘Donald Trump, Donald Trump’ followed by ‘USA USA.’ Dana White said it was the greatest entrance he has seen into a UFC. I can’t wait until we win again in 2020 to further embarras your profession #FakeNews.”

    “Nothing sums up Eric Trump like misspelling the word ‘embarrass,’” Kimmel shot back. “How does he misspell a word he’s seen on every birthday card since he was 5 years old?”


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