Is wallrunning and superjumping coming to Apex Legends? –

Is wallrunning and superjumping coming to Apex Legends? –

Respawn Entertainment

A number of new Apex Legends leaks have surfaced following the games March 6 update, with the latest leak suggesting that new movement changes could be added soon.

Data miners have been doing their best to dig through the game’s files since the recent update – trying to find what’s coming next to the hugely popular free-to-play battle royale title.

Multiple new things have already been found. Two new weapons, a Flamethrower and Remote Turret, were uncovered on March 8, while hints at an in-game ‘night mode’ plus a ‘Community Happy Hour’ were also revealed later in the day.

Now, there have been more hints at the possible additions of wallrunning and superjumping.

Respawn Entertainment

Players could soon see their in-game movement change following the first drop.

Wallrunning is a key gameplay element from Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall series and has been rumored for Apex Legends since its launch on February 4.

Thanks to @RealApexLeaks, it looks like there have been more files added to the game for wallrunning – which could completely change how the game plays and open up a whole new level of verticality for players.

Twitter: RealApexLeaks

Players could soon be bouncing off the walls of Bunker with Wallrunning

Code has also been uncovered regarding superjumping, which was also a part of the Titanfall series – allowing players to reach great heights with ease.

Twitter: RealApexLeaks

Superjump could bring a huge bounce to Apex.

However, these files could simply be leftovers from the Titanfall series, as Apex Legends had originally started life as the third installment in the popular franchise.

A number of leaks, that surfaced shortly after the arrival of Apex Legends, have already been dismissed as files from the original Titanfall 3 development. 


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