India will fight, live, work and win as one: PM Narendra Modi – Times of India

India will fight, live, work and win as one: PM Narendra Modi – Times of India

NEW DELHI: It is necessary to ensure that nothing is done in the morale of the security forces,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

said on Thursday, a day after Pakistani fighter jets v

iolated indian air space +

In response to Indian forces targeting

JeM terror camp in its territory +


Modi said India will fight, live, work and win as one and nobody can create hurdles in its march towards development.

He was interacting with about one crore BJP workers in 15,000 locations via the world’s largest video conference.

Narendra Modi said in his address that the 2014 election was a mandate for fulfilling people’s needs and 2019 poll people’s ambitions to fulfill about.

Indians have to be hard working in all spheres and should be grateful to all those people who are protecting the country, the Prime Minister said.

He has added the new levels of development, he added.

Some people, for their selfish interests, dislike a strong government, he said. BJP workers need to tell people on the benefits of a strong government, he added.

An IAF pilot was captured by


after an air combat Wednesday Both sides said they shot down one another’s warplanes.

Here is a look at some of his events.

* We have complete faith in the capabilities of our defense forces. Therefore, it is very crucial that nothing which affects its determination happens. That our enemies get a chance to question us

* The enemy tries to destabilize us, carries out terror attacks, they want to stop our growth We all are allowed

* At this time, the country’s emotions are a different level. The country’s brave soldiers are showing their valor at the border and beyond. The whole country is one and standing with our soldiers The world is able to see our collective will


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