India vs Pakistan, ICC World Cup 2019: Nothing to say anything for TRP nor create exciting news, says Virat Kohli – Times of India ►

India vs Pakistan, ICC World Cup 2019: Nothing to say anything for TRP nor create exciting news, says Virat Kohli – Times of India ►


MANCHESTER: India’s cricket captainVirat Kohlibats with legendary focus and always seems to know exactly what he wants to do in the middle. On Saturday, on the high voltage game against arch rivals Pakistan, he was again in total control.


Kohli stressed, more than once, that is the only team on the team. When asked about how his side was preparing for an unpredictable team like Pakistan, he said, “We’re not focusing too much on what the opposition has done. We need to believe in our strengths.”


He added, “If we play well, then we play really well as a team, and we can beat any side in the world. We saw that in the first two games that we played and that’s the kind of confidence we carried, and we want to continue in the same way in the next year.

“We’re not focusing on the opposition, so for us no one’s a threat. For us, no one player matters more than the other. It’s about going into the park as the Indian cricket team and taking on whichever team is behind If you play well, we can beat any side. If you do not play well, you are going to beat you.

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Are there complications in any India-Pak game? Virat steered clear of them when asked if he would ask the fans to be as relaxed about the game as the Indian team was practiced on Saturday.

“I can not say the fans to think of the game in a particular manner. We can not get too emotional or too over-excited with any occasion that we play in. So obviously, the mindset of the player is always going to different from the fans. You can not mix the two. “


Kohli, once a combustible young man but now mature and mellow, put things in perspective when asked about how a game of hustle and bustle from the players should be protected from this like this.

“The best way to approach something like this is to understand that the game starts tomorrow at a certain time and it finishes a certain time, so it’s not going to last a lifetime for you. That’s the thing that, as the cricketers, always keeps you grounded, always keeps you focused. “

Is it going to be a personal battle for you againstMohammad Amir? Kohli Bristled at the suggestion “I do not want to say anything for TRP ratings.” I’m batting, I only see the red or white ball. belief in one’s ability to score runs against any bowler, “he said.

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