I do not crave the chair, it needs me, declares Mamata

I do not crave the chair, it needs me, declares Mamata

KOLKATA: Barely two days after the Lok Sabha results in theWest BengalinWest Bengal,Mamata Banerjeeon Saturday announced that the Chief Minister’s post and quit the Trinamool Congress chief as her party reviving on the focus. The offer was turned down by his colleagues.
“Ami chair ke chai na, chair er amake chai (I do not crave the chair, the chair needs me),” Banerjee said after a party meeting to review Trinamool’s poll reverses.
Banerjee’s first public response to the Lok Sabha results was part of emotional-outburst and part post-mortem. There was a palpable feeling of being betrayed by voters, while being let down despite her “government’s commendable work” and “fulfilling all promises”. “I think I’ve done a little more than I should have. I will now devote more time to the party, “she said at the meeting.
Banerjee also made a direct reference to the oft-repeated charge of minority appeasement. “Yes, I will attend iftars if I am invited I would do so even if it means Muslim favor I want to do it, I am willing to tolerate a cow’s kicks as long as it gives me milk, “the chief minister said, implying she is ready to continue with Muslim tuition. her
“Taking money” and sabotaging Trinamool’s prospects in the polls, which saw the BJP getting 18 of Bengal’s 42 Lok Sabha seats in 18 elections. Trinamool insiders said some heads will be released after the party’s final review next Friday.
The post-meeting media briefing revealed how much he had taken against the reverses of heart, especially after having done “so much work” for the people. “I fulfilled all promises I made My government has done the work for the past eight years, “she said, but lamented” I have done a little more than I should have “.
“I asked my colleagues how to It was the kind of emergency I could not work for six months. Yes, I was the chief minister but at the Election Commission’s pleasure. I tried to convince my party that there was no reason to continue in such a situation But I was alone, “she added.
The Trinamool chief suspects something in the results “How is it possible that so many states – Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat – do not have any opposition representation? I suspect some sort of programming set somewhere Foreign hands are involved, “the CM said. “Check out how much money entered individual bank accounts when the model code of conduct was in force. I came to know from a journalist that they (BJP) paid Rs 5,000 for a vote and Rs 3,000 to a polling agent, “she added.

The CM, however, saw a silver lining in the Bengal result. “Our vote share has increased by 4%. We have a majority Ram (BJP), Baam (Left Front) and Shyam (Congress), “The Trinamool Chief said, in the form of Left votes of shift to help the BJP surge
“The CPM’s 29% vote share decreased by 22%, pushing up the BJP’s vote share to 40%,” she said.
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