Happy weekend, Slack is down for real this time – TechCrunch

Happy weekend, Slack is down for real this time – TechCrunch

It’s not just you.

After a minor hiccup this morning, Slack is down again — and this time it’s really for real. This morning, the popular workplace chat service experienced issues resulting in double posting. This time out, however, this appear to be more severe, with the company’s Status page moving from 9/10 to 10/10 service problems.

Deep Breaths! Deep Breaths! We’re working in it, thanks for your patience!

— Slack (@SlackHQ) June 28, 2019

This afternoon’s outage appears to be an escalation of this morning’s issues. The company has been updating throughout the day, and in spite of a hopeful “some signs of recovery” around 2PM ET, things have clearly gone from better to worse in the past couple of afternoon hours.

The company has confirmed the on-going issue via social media Muppet GIFs and its status page, writing, “Some users have reported intermittent connectivity issues. We remain hard at work to come to a full resolution.”

But this late on a Friday, honestly, it’s probably time we all go ahead and cut our losses. Happy forced summer Fridays, everyone. See you on the other side. We’ll update when things are back to normal. Or maybe not. I mean, it’s pretty nice outside. Don’t tell our bosses and we won’t tell yours. Deal?


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