Carrie Fisher’s ashes stored in giant Prozac pill


Los Angeles, Jan 7 (IANS) “Star Wars” star Carrie Fisher’s ashes were buried alongside her mother Debbie Reynolds inside a giant Prozac pill.

Todd Fisher was photographed carrying his sister’s ashes in a giant Prozac pill, which was turned into an urn.

Carrie Fisher died on December 27 last year at the age of 60, following a heart attack on a plane. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds, passed away just a day later, aged 84, after suffering a stroke in the same city.

A joint funeral for the mother and daughter was held on Friday at Forest Lawn Memorial Park here.

“Carrie’s favourite possession was a giant Prozac pill that she bought many years ago. A big pill. She loved it, and it was in her house, and Billie and I felt it was where she’d want to be,” quoted Todd as saying.

He added: “We couldn’t find anything appropriate. Carrie would like that. It was her favorite thing, and so that’s how you do it. And so they’re together, and they will be together here and in heaven, and we’re okay with that.”


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